Dining rooms close, opening up opportunities

Bringing the variety of the local restaurant scene to their door

Closing venues & social distancing

Given the advisories around social distancing (maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from others) you may be faced with closing your full-service dining rooms.

Delivery to resident apartments

The delivery model is a great alternative to your dining venues. We are sharing a developed solution for ordering and delivery for your residents with two menu strategies.

Resident menu options

Menu option 1: Existing dining room menu

Offering your existing dining room menu allows guests to order and take home any menu item currently offered in the resident dining room.

Menu option 2: Offer a predefined set menu

A predefined menu provides a level of consistency in offerings for both the resident and the operation. It’s an opportunity to consistently offer popular favorites. Residents can keep the menu brochure in their homes, which saves time in the ordering process by not having to communicate daily specials, and simplifying ordering for residents.

Typical Categories Include:

  • Entrees and side dishes
  • Sandwiches and salads
  • Dressings and spreads
  • Snacks and bakery items


Deliver wine and spirits to your residents (*if permitted by state and local law)

We're Here to Help Everyone!

We have a proven history of responding to emergencies and are confident we can provide you consistent and reliable service solutions in response to the ever-changing care environment. Reach out to our management teams with any requests, large or small – we are available and ready to help.